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So it was pointed out to me today that I’ve never explained what it is I am going to college for. I’m really glad they asked, though it is kind of complicated to explain. The short story is I’m going for a doctorate in archaeology. The long story is: I want to be able to properly know how to date, categorize, reconstruct, save/preservation clothing and fabrics, and all that jazz from lost civilizations to right around the end of the 1800’s.

Went to go get leather today. Walked in and right up front a box filled with white leather 1-1 1/2 yard sized pelts $25-$30. I’m so excited I get to make Lightning’s cosplay out of real leather~!! 

My mom just called me to let me know she just bought some worbla, wonderflex, and fosshape..then said bye and hung up on me. Women what are you up to??!!

I was going to order a small sheet of worbla for Lightning, but not a full yard of each. I’m scared, as I have NO clue as to what she is up to.

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